Everything under construction – re-inventing online presence

Aloha and Happy Cinco de Mayo under Quarantine!

Thank you for checking out this very first post on my new personal website: hrayheine.com. I envision this new re-incarnation of hrayheine.com to evolve into a collection blog posts on business, art, and philosophy — or anything else that irks or entices me enough to write about it. All is in flux and — together with the universe — I, too, am permanently under construction. Let’s see how it all flows 😉

As digital media producer, my single focus is on helping my clients succeed. I build websites, develop cross-platform mobile applications, and design and publish ebooks. Here, on my personal website, I enjoy a long forgotten freedom to explore and design to my own taste and fancy.

This new site marks the start of a new journey. It is a journey that I want to share. I’d be delighted if you decide to follow along, as a regular fellow traveler, occasional visiting friend, or curious tourist. To make it easier to stay in touch, I created a little newsletter:

Notes from Paradise

I look forward to stay in touch with you!

Mahalo (Thank you!)

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