generation/mutation: from crowdsourced to ai-sourced new media art

My new book, generation/mutation, is finally available in print. Check it out on or In the book, I tell the story of the new media art project, generation/mutation, that I launched in 1998 as an experiment. The idea was to see if it was possible to create an online exhibition of works that are all crowdsourced contributions.

It turned out that crowdsourced exhibitions can be far more successful that imagined. The online show of generation/mutation v.1.0 attracted more than 2.5 million visitors in its first two years online!

Selection of crowdsourced contributions to generation/mutation v.1.0

To learn more about this fascinating piece of new media art history, check out Chapter 1: Crowds, which is available as a free download.

Download Chapter 1: Crowds

Thank you for your interest! Contact me with any comments or questions! Btw., the new book also looks great on my Amazon Author Page 😉

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